Other Attractions

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You can visit the Loutraki Thermal Spa with its thermal water, coming from a great depth and springing out from the healing Loutraki sources; in ancient times it was called “the Water of Life”. In the luxurious, modern facilities you can enjoy spa therapies and other well-being treatments.

Explore and discover the rich sea life in the Corinthian Gulf, the marvelous sites with reefs and ship-wrecks hiding under the endless blue waters and give yourself an unforgettable experience of diving in the deep blue waters with a view of the Heraion temple and the Gerania mountain range.


For those who enjoy extreme sports it is possible to experience bungee jumping at the Isthmus Canal from a height of 80 meters and just for a few seconds experience the intensity and adrelanine rush.

You can be initiated in the world of sea sports, such as water ski, wakeboard, barefoot, water-surf, kayak and continue to develop your skills in a safe environment provided by the salt-water Heraion Lake.