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Villa Armonia is situated at a small distance from the town of Loutraki, built at a high spot with a panoramic view over the salt-water lake of Vouliagmeni and the Corinthian Gulf. The Villa is naturally integrated in the environment of the area and provides modern luxury and refined aesthetics. It is a high quality destination to escape the stresses of everyday life and an ideal refuge with the idyllic lake view and peaceful surroundings.


In the same area, some words about the Heraion Lake

Situated at a distance of about 15 km NW from Loutraki, it is one of the most remarkable salt water lakes in Greece. Lake Vouliagmeni or Heraion, called Eschatiotis in ancient times, is a landscape of unique beauty surrounded by rich pine forest. In ancient times it was also called Gorgopis, after Gorgi, a daughter of Megareus and wife of Corintheus, who fell into this lake and drowned herself as soon as she heard about the death of her children.

In the same region Proto-hellenic settlements were discovered which indicate that the area was already inhabited 3000 BC.


The mountain, covered with pine trees, which literally dives into the water, is the natural ending of the Gerania mountain range. This wooded mountain landscape of the greater region is often visited by various nature lovers, motorcyclists, etc. The small church shown in the picture is a kind of trademark for the Lake and was built by one of the prominent Athenians who discovered this location as an ideal spot for a vacation house. Its design is a faithful copy of a church in Mykonos and is dedicated to Saint Nicolas.

The lake is about 550 m wide and 1.825 m long and its biggest depth is 48 meters. It is surrounded by picturesque tavernas, a beach bar and a kiosk.