Environmental Policy

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VILLA ARMONIA is situated at Lake Vouliagmeni or Heraion Lake in the region of Corinthia and there is one more reason that makes environmental policy a priority:

“The area of Heraion in Perachora is considered a Landscape of Great Natural Beauty”

Our respect for the environment and our intention to protect it as the inheritance of our children caused us to use in Villa Armonia the following systems:

  • An automatic electrical system for the rooms, by using a card to switch off the electricity, apart from the fridge, as well as that switches off the A/C when a window is opened.
  • Using LED televisions with the lowest possible energy consumption.
  • A heat pump for heating according to the latest technology.
  • Solar collectors to support water heating.
  • The outdoor shower runs on solar energy.
  • The swimming pool uses a system for the electrolysis of natural salt.
  • The Jacuzzi is using active oxygen.
  • We use toilet paper that produces lesser residue.
  • The rooms feature A/C of the latest technology.
  • We support recycling programs and there are bins for collection of paper, plastic and aluminium in the entrance of our facilities.
  • in the garden we have plants that only require minimal water.
  • We don’t use one-use dishes, cups and kitchen wear.
  • We suggest the usage of liquid soap from a dispenser.
  • We use cleaning material without chlorine, friendly to the environment.
  • The mattresses and covers are made from natural products by the Greek company Coco Mat, well-known for its environmental standards.
  • The linen is changed twice a week.
  • We use low consumption lamps.
  • In the garden there are light sensors and timers for night lighting.